Horseshoe Walk, Bath

Horseshoe Walk, Bath

This house sits on a sloping site a short walk from the city centre. It is two-storey facing the road and three-storey at the rear. On one side is the attached garage and on the other a narrow conservatory.

A new two-storey side extension incorporating a new kitchen and first floor en-suite has been added to replace the garage. At the rear the bland elevation overlooking the garden has been enhanced with a single-storey garden room extension. This opens into the existing lower ground floor; the existing limited headroom has been improved by underpinning the existing walls and lowering the floor by 400mm. The roof of this extension forms a generous balcony with views towards the city and is linked to the garden with a spiral staircase.

Energy efficient powder coated aluminium windows and doors have been installed in both the existing and new openings. The roof has been completely re-tiled and the roof space strengthened to support the new boiler and hot water cylinder.

Internally, the ground floor has been opened up to form a continuous space incorporating the kitchen, dining room and sitting room that in turn links to the balcony.

To assist the process of obtaining planning approval in this part of the World Heritage City we submitted 3D images of the proposals taken from our computer model.

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